Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Baby Makin'


Kenzie and Smitty made a baby boy!!!
They decided to wait until the baby was the size of a "lime" to tell us, that seems small...
but they waited 12 freakin' weeks!!! But now the secret it out and its a BOY!
 (She only told my grandma on a mission. . . 
she knew that my grandma was the only one that could actually keep a secret).  

Anyways--- It's the best news of the whole week. I'm so stoked for them!!
Makes me baby hungry...  just kidding..
but really, I'm going to start saving my money so i can come watch her give birth in the hospital...
OR at least hold the newborn!! :) :) :) :)
I don't why, but i feel like there is a special relationship between sisters and their kids. I don't get excited about other people being pregnant or having kids. The entire Relief Society in my ward is knocked up and I really could care less... but I'm so excited for a new nephew 
and love my other two nephews so stinkin' much. 
More than any other kids on this planet.

I merged their faces together and this is what is coming into the world in April:


  1. Alyssa! I just barley read your post! LOVE THE SHOUTOUT your so friggin cool. I see you have upped the annie on your blog too since I last looked at it, it looks so good!! Can you and riley please start trying for a child? How fun would that be to be prego together? Ps I am 18 weeks not 12!! haha its already 5 1/2 inches! Love you!!

  2. Hahahahahahaha I love this post! And your sister's comment too that she's 18 weeks poignant, not 12. And that she loves you so much and wants to be pregnant together! My sister wants to be pregnant together too! She's trying right now ish and I'm fertile Myrtle, so we probably we'll be! Se doesn't want to get pregnant till January or something since her midwife will be out of town for a while or something, and I need to wait a couple weeks for insurance/health care reasons, but then.... time to try making babies! Should be fun. :)

    ALSO, when I first read the title Baby Making I assumed you got knocked up! And I was surprised and was hoping I would find out before you posted it in blog land haha!

    ALSO, hilarious that you said your whole relief society is pregnant and you don't really care. hahaha yeah, other people's babies just don't do as much for me as my sisters'/bffs' babies. haha

    Get pregnant.

    Okay, do it when you're more ready. :) Do what feels best.