Sunday, February 26, 2023

2022 Family Photos

We are a family of FIVE!!! Unreal! I cant believe we have three little people. THEY ARE SO FUN and so challenging. I love our little family and so grateful for all the blessings. We took these family photos near our house this fall 2022. I love my people! 

Aaachen, Germany (Christmas Market Trip)

Nov 26, 2022: Aaachen was stop #3 on the Christmas market tour! We arrived back in Aachen on a Saturday, it was quite the contrast coming from small town Monschau. It seemed like everyone was in Aachen, it was so crowded that we could hardy navigate. We ended up finding a park for kids to run around and taking turns exploring the city/market as with kids it was way too congested. It was also heartwarming to see so many people together and packed into one place when I reflect back to even last year with the covid restrictions and lack of travel and events the past few years due to the virus.   

Saturday, February 25, 2023


November 25, 2022: Monschau was stop number two on our 'Christmas Market' trip! We trained in from Cologen to Aachen and then hopped on an hour bus ride to get to this cute little town tucked away in the hills. We loved our time in Monschau wandering the cobblestone streets through old classic buildings and homes and the nature views. We loved the remoteness of it which made for a nice change of pace from Cologne with the fresh, crisp mountain air. 

Hiking up to the ridge was definitely a highlight. Seeing the village and the Christmas market lights from up top made for some good views and as always with the boys, some good stick finding and rock collecting along the way. 

Early morning vibes :) 

Our bus ride out of Monschau consisted of a full hour with both Luke and Clay alternating throwing up in our garbage sack barf bag on a jam-packed, standing room only bus. There were a few good Samaritans trying to help by giving us their tissues but most people just wanted to get as far away as they could from the stench that came every time we opened the bag for another round of throw-up. 
Unfortunately this was only a pre-cursor to the bug that would hit both Alyssa and I the next day on our last day in Cologne. Spent the evening alternating throwing up for hours at a time, emptying our stomachs and then some. But before then, we were able to enjoy the day in Aachen. 
Our bodies barely recovered enough the next day for us to go home, change trains at the last minute and sprint up and down flights of stairs with Riley carrying Clay on his back and Luke in his arms and Alyssa with Lucy, the stroller and suitcase. We made the train with 45 seconds to spare that would have been a 2 hour wait if we had missed it. Good times.