Saturday, November 20, 2021

Germany Day 3: Bacharach (2/2)


Sept. 6: After our lovely morning at Castle Elz we all hopped in the car and drove to our next destination: Bacharach! It was really quiet and beautiful with vineyards stretching up the hills for miles. We spend the rest of the day walking around the streets and trying to figure out dinner! After lots of indecision my mom suggested we go on a date (with Whitney third wheeling). We all went out to eat and got really adventurous with the food trying out some authentic German cuisine, Rileys coming strait out of a can... think canned meat jello thats cold. After dinner we walked around the whole city and went up a little trail for a nice sunset. It was fun with Whitney and enjoyed our evening without the kiddos.   

Germany Day 3: Burg Elz (Part 1/2)


Sep. 6: Another day, another Castle! We left our airbnb in Ulmen and headed towards Bacharch, on the way we stopped by Burg Elz Castle. We went really early and walked through the long trail there in the mist, the mist was so dense that we didn't realize we were at the Castle until we arrived. It was really pretty though, there was some filming going on and we had a guy welcome us to the Castle, later we learned it was one of the owners of the castle! Riley had to do some work so we decided instead of jetting off to our airbnb that instead we would take our time here and go inside and explore grounds while Riley worked. It was a really cool castle and anxious to come back. Such a great pit spot and place for Riley to work for a few hours too. 

We saw this guy during the tour, who looked exactly like the man we met in the morning, tuned out its his son and one of the owners. 

Germany Day 2: Back to Ulmen! Sunflowers oh my. (Part 3/3)

Day 2: Germany Part 3!! 
After exploring Cochem most the day we made the trek back to our Airbnb. On the way home we saw fields of flowers for sale and stopped off the road. It was really scenic country side and the tall sunflower field all in bloom just screamed 'photoshoot.'  After making it to Ulmen, we all had pizza on top of the castle ruins and watched the sun make its way down. It was a really beautiful evening together. 

A big thank you to Whitney for letting me practice my photography all day .