Saturday, February 24, 2018

9 Month Truths

I have a million photos and memories to catch up on the blog, but it turns out that life is quite busy with a 9 month mover.  

Luke's truths: moms are the best, internet cords are meant to be pulled out, bedtime is the worst, outdoors are better than indoors, and vacuuming is actually a two-man job.  

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Japan Ad!

Fun little side job and keepsake! <3


So much LOVE in the Stevenson home this Valentine's Day! I took a trip to a military base and went to a little Valentine's party/playgroup with Luke and we made some friends. Then we got to go to the commissary and it was the BEST thing ever (American groceries and prices!) 

For Young Womens, we heart-attacked the missionaries, which is always fun. I love my girls and calling. 

Then, I came home to Riley with a fresh boutique of flowers and some Nike spoils. I'm feeling especially loved this year and happy.