Monday, November 25, 2019

Okutama Hiking

Another weekend of hiking! We are trying to make the most of these days before it gets too cold. The other Saturday we trained to Okutama (2 hours each way) and did some serious hiking. We went over 12 miles according to the phone at the end of the day. Riley found a pretty aggressive hike that included summiting 3 mountains and we ended up doing it all! Thank goodness I'm only 7 months pregnant because this hike would be a guaranteed labor inducer with how much uphill and stairs. The weather was perfect and the fall leaves really showed off for us. Luke was a champ in his backpack all day long and we all felt really accomplished and sore at the end of the day. The views though and leaves made it so worth it. 
I think I have taken 1000 pictures of these two hiking the last few months :) 

SO many stairs!

About to pass out, JK kinda. 

Gotta work on the peace sign. . . 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Baby Shower

There is two baby boys on the way! This past week I was spoiled with a joint baby shower along with a ward friend here 'Hikari'. We are both expecting our second boys in January-- she is headed to her home city to be with family and have baby there. But kinda cool, she actually went to BYUH with us and lived in the same house on the point as me but we were never in same unit, she also served in Riley's mission at the same time! Small world. 

The shower was way nice! Becky Budge did it at her house and made it so so special. She is so talented in the kitchen and made the cutest desserts ever and lunch and really spoiled us! Becky actually lost her mom pretty unexpectedly this past month, so I was so surprised she reached out to throw the shower and offer and then to put so much love into it. I'm so grateful for her example and admire and love her so much!