Sunday, August 18, 2019

Lovely Lady Lump ;)

Food Baby + Real Baby

Almost 17 weeks and feeling great these days. So grateful to be out of the nasty first trimester and just feeling more confident in pregnancy. So much more to say about this miracle body and growing babe inside-- but first, a nice walk with Luke to our favorite juice stand and some jalapeno flavored popcorn. #priorities 

Petal to the Metal

Saturday, August 17: Went to our favorite Showa Kinen Park and biked. We packed homemade guacamole, chips, and veggies for lunch and spent a couple hours biking and playing in the massive park to the sunflower fields. It was a very very veryyy hot/humid day and kinda late to see the real big sunflowers but was still a great day and nobody got heat stroke. 


Most our Saturdays this month have been spent at Zushi Beach. It has been one hot/humid summer-- and if you aren't in some sort of water you are melting.  We first visited this beach in May and had freezing ocean water but have felt the ocean temperature rise dramatically as the summer has progressed on. These trips to the beach have been some of my favorite days of summer. Luke loves the water and has become so independent wanting to swim on his own (with jacket) or stay in the impact zone and feel the rush of water crashing in on him. It is seriously his happy place this summer. 
 Also, found a live starfish when we were wadding in the water. All my childhood fantasies coming true.

 Of course, there is ice-cream vending machines here.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Bells in Tokyo!

Cameron and Hannah Bell came to Japan! It was a spontaneous trip that happened end of July--literally they booked flights the week before coming but was SO DANG FUN. We always talked with them about it and they have been wanting to visit for a long time and decided to pull the trigger and take the opportunity before he started his new job. We loved hosting them while they were in Tokyo and our time together. 

Some highlights while they were in Tokyo with us: Onsen Trips, Sushi, Harajuku (they spend hours in Daiso, and Hannah was a big fan of Cat Cafes here), Crepes, Meiji Shrine, Japanese Curry, Ramen, Nezu Shrine, Summer Japanese Festivals, Fish Market, Asakusa, Shabu Shabu, Japanese garden, Boat ride through Tokyo, and just lots of quality walks and pillow talk.

Also, family picture because they are rare :)
i spy hannah and cameron kissing. . . 
 We rescued the turtle from the road. . .
 The Onsen. . . 
 We shared rainbow cheese toast...