Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Forrest


The Forrest (Amsterdamse Bos) continues to hold a special place in our hearts and the close proximity to it continues to be one of our favorite things about where we live. It holds magic regardless of the season and is big enough where you can keep finding new little new pockets of the forrest and allows you to get deep enough to feel like you're in 'real nature'. The boys love it, mom and dad love it, we love that the boys love it and love just all getting to be outside, playing in the dirt, catching bugs and soaking in the fresh air. 

No injuries or tears and all smiles. First family bike ride in the forrest was a success. 

Loading up the van, i mean the bakfiets to go camping. 

First time camping for Miss Lucy was a hit as she was easily won over by the snacks. 

Nature's treasure hunt. The boys and their prized frog catchings. 

Family dinner, with the per usual jet-boil ramen classic, always a fav for all. Clay with intense focus on his meal. 

Had to capture the first signs of brotherly love from Clay. 

We love camping especially when its with friends, had a great time with the Inckleys. 

One reason we suspect Luke loves camping is the spicy ramen for both dinner and breakfast. 

The besties: Clay & Asa

Also besties :) 

A few from the camera: