Thursday, June 28, 2018

Luke Lately- 13 Months

Every month I find myself saying “THIS IS MY FAVORITE AGE!” (Yes, all caps). And every month it just gets more fun. I seriously love the stage Luke is in right now. Not sure if it can get better?

It's June in Japan which means lots of rainy days. Have you ever seen a child discover a puddle for the very first time? It is priceless! Luke went from timid, careful step to full blown puddle sitting and splashing in seconds— true childhood bliss right there, and every puddle along the way was just the greatest thing. This boy loves water, always has. 

The park is still our sanctuary and Luke’s favorite place to be. He started RUNNING this month- he goes full speed ahead, not looking down only forwards and goes faster than his little legs can carry him (which has ended up with a couple big goose-eggs as a result). He is chasing birds too which he calls "dog-dogs" and loves playing ball. Dad is his favorite, and leaving for work each day is becoming harder and harder and more apparent for him. 

When we are home, you can usually find Luke in his kitchen cabinet.  He has turned into quite the "house-elf" collecting his precious items and storing them away and pulling them out and storing them again over and over. In the cabinet today is his beloved orange sippy cup, empty cinnamon container you can twist, his musical train, kitchen tongs and a spoon, a toy laptop from Nana, and two balls.

This month Luke had a minor surgery and was very brave and did well! He also got a few big molars, and lots, and lots of mosquito bites.... he gets bites every night? WHY?! Probably because he has the sweetest blood and sweetest soul. . . 

Such a cheese.

 The Messy
The Happy before the Sad
 The Sad.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hydrangea Days

The hydrangea flowers were pretty epic this year! This is just another post with a lot of flower pictures . . . Maybe it is because we live in such an urban area, but every green plant and flower is the prettiest thing ever. I can't get over the little details and colors and patterns.

Also, these little flower pot, side walk gardens are literally my favorite thing in Tokyo. 

Disneyland with Starks

June 5, 2018: We went to Tokyo Disneyland with some of our best friends in Japan. It was such a fun and happy day together! The kids all did really good and could go on most rides which was awesome. The thing that impressed me about Disneyland this time was the amount of insane creativity in each ride, it truly is a magical place.  The favorite rides of the day included: The Winnie the Pooh Ride, Thunder Mountain, and the classical 'It's a Small World' was Luke's favorite.