Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tokyo Home.

6/1/2018: It’s hard to explain how you can fall in love with a city and how a foreign country can become home. It didn’t happen right away for me and at times I still feel out of my element. It’s taken a lot of vulnerability and shift in paradigm. But I’m falling in love with Tokyo these days. This love has been slow and methodical—it’s taken patience, persistence, getting lost a hundred times, continual trial and error in cooking new things and communicating.
I use to complain and just miss the familiarities of America, but as if overnight I’ve loved living out of my comfort zone. Japan has been a place of growth and self discovery for me.

I get so much inspiration walking these streets. The people are the most polite, kind people I have ever met. Nobody steals or litters ever. Real life Mario Cart and sushi on conveyer belts. Everything is cute and compact and the architecture is unmatched.

I’ve discovered a majesty in cities that I only thought came from mountains. It can take your breath away too (and I’m not talking about the suffocating train rides here). The city is filled with adventure. Some days I just walk. I feel like I’m constantly unlocking these little gems, tucked away temples, unique cafes, unexpected festivals, suddenly I’m transported into a day that couldn’t possibly have been planned or imagined.
Settling into a new city/country has been a personal journey for me but as I look around there are so many people from so many backgrounds and this one place has become home to all. Tokyo has stolen my heart. It’s both traditional and modern. It is both overwhelmingly busy and completely silent. It is home. 🖤

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