Friday, October 1, 2021

Chronicles of Clay- 18 month and some.

Clay is growing so fast. He started nursery in July and one month later I got called to be a nursery leader, not sure if thats a coincidence or not haha, but lets say, Clay is not a mama's boy. We got some work. He much prefers dad over mom. At night he throws fits in the middle of the night and if I come in to give him with water or tuck him in he gets SO UPSET and cries even louder. He throws his body away from me and pouts and will only allow Dad to help him at night, which is every night. It’s hard night to take it personally, but honestly Riley is the cool parent so I don’t blame him too much. Super hero dad coming in strong every night to sooth this kiddo. I could probably count on one hand the number of times Clay has slept through the night without waking up screaming. Not sure what’s wrong but always needs some late night water, from dad not mom. 
 Clay is messy 98% of the time, always food or dirt on his face or clothes, or both. He has a full grown mullet in the back and yet to get a haircut. Clay loves food more than any little human I have met. He opens the fridge these days and pulls out the entire half gallon milk container himself and carries it to us to pour him a glass. He loves Lukey and is chatting more and more each day. He still can't say his own name... but today when Dad asked him "who is that" (pointing to a picture of Clay) he said "Cookie."  We love you Cookie Clay, from the hours of 8am to 11pm anyways.