Thursday, May 16, 2019

Saturday Adventure: Paddle Boats & Odaiba Beach

Weekends are the best, we love our days together as a family and try to make the most of the time together. This past saturday was paddle boats, hair-cuts, and evening in Odaiba checking out the beach and dinner at our favorite TGIF.

We just planned on walking the beach and checking it out.
Luke obviously had other plans. He didn't mind the gross water, his favorite new place is the beach.

Barber Trip

 We finally decided to take Luke in for a little haircut! His blonde mop was on his neck and getting pretty long. Riley was needing a haircut too, so we took the boys in for a trim! We couldn't part with his epic bedhead, so just a little trim but fun little family errand. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Mt. Kagenobu

I love days that we escape the city and get to hike. We had a fun day together as a family being in nature. We went on a little chair lift ride and hiked through Mt. Takao and then on to Mt. Kagenobu and back. One of the highlights of the trip was enjoying hot japanese ramen on the mountain top with this view.

The 12 minute chair lift ride, Luke loved it.

At one point in the hike, he turned into a escape artist and tried to get out and we decided to let him hike the 1/4 mile to the top on foot.

We topped off the great day with a sushi run.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Luke's Second Birthday!

Our little man cub had his birthday during golden week-- 2 on the 2nd! He has so much personality in his little body and we love him so much. It was a happy day, we had bear pancakes, mac and cheese and apple juice (his favorite foods since being introduced at the Budges) a really fun trip to the aquarium/dolphin show, followed by a few gifts, cake and a evening at the park! Simple, perfect little family party and day.
So because it was golden week, the aquarium was way more busier than usual and we wanted to watch the show and couldn't find seats. Then Riley spotted two in the front row, which is clearly the 'wet zone.' We decided to sit there anyways, surrounded by everyone in ponchos for the first 10 rows and got so dang soaked. . . but was so fun and we laughed the entire time. Luke was such a good sport too and was such a happy birthday memory.