Sunday, May 5, 2019

Luke’s Vacation at The Budges

While we traveled Europe, Luke stayed with some friends in Tokyo. We planned our trip before his 2nd birthday (before airline tickets started costing/no longer lap infant) and initially planned on taking him but when a friend mentioned we should leave him, we kinda jumped on the idea and lined them up! 

We are seriously so grateful and owe a lot to them as our trip would have been very different had we taken Luke! We especially enjoyed the peaceful long flight without an active toddler and how much more we were able to do.

Luke had a great time too! He had friends to play with and they did lots of fun activities with even a visit from the Easter Bunny! It was so fun to get these pictures on the trip and see Lukey. We were so surprised with how much he grew up and talked in the days we were gone.

We are so grateful for the Budge's and their willingness to take him and treat him so good! I later learned he never slept through the night and it was a lot of referee-ing the little ones. I love Becky so much and just think she is the ultimate example of motherhood and service— even before she took Luke she has been such an example and friend. So grateful to have someone here that I trust with Luke and the family. Here are some photos I received while away that brought me so much joy! 
Apparently he loved spicy ramen. . . like his mom!
He got very protective of Becky. . . sorry William! He's not use to sharing a Mom.
Becky, his other mom, which he called her "Mamma" the whole time and still occasionally does looking at these photos. 
Loved warm clean laundry. 
Easter Time. 
He also spent a night at the Griffin's house and had the best time!
So grateful for all the help. It takes a village :) 

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