Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brian Guarino

This is my official last day of work for North Shore Mental Health. My last day with my client Brian. We are sitting on the library computers now. He is on google images looking up his favorite movie titles and humming to himself.  He is so content and unaware of how much I'll miss him or the impact he has had on my life. Riley always says he wishes we could adopt him. There is no way of really describing Brian until you spend ten minutes with him. He is just Brain.  I have been with him for two years and seen him progress in little ways. He gives me the best hugs and always says I'm his "favorite" and Riley is "his man." 

This last week his sister invited us over to their house for dinner. She told me that I am the first skills worker she has ever invited over and how much they will miss me. She told me how he has improved and how much he really does love me. It felt so good.

Brian has made such a difference in my life. I have loved my job and will miss him so much. We have spent our days feeding animals on the ranch, folding boxes at Bostons pizza, going to the library, cafeteria, bus stop, and just chasing him through Hawaii as he speed walks in front of me.

Kawela Bay Part 2

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kawela Bay Part 1

This week I woke up to Riley's alarm at 5:30am, we normally wake up at 5:40. . . so it wasn't all that much earlier, but a little unusual. He wasn't up yet. . . So, I woke him up and said "Riley it's 5:30, your alarm is going off" and he whispered in his sleepy voice: "Oh good, I set it early so we have 10 minutes to snuggle before we have to get up." He rolled over and cuddled me and we fell back to sleep. I love being married and sharing a bed together. 

Here is "part 1" of some pictures at Kawela Bay. Our wedding photographer came to Hawaii and contacted us to do some pictures!! I seriously love E & E photography.