Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kawela Bay Part 1

This week I woke up to Riley's alarm at 5:30am, we normally wake up at 5:40. . . so it wasn't all that much earlier, but a little unusual. He wasn't up yet. . . So, I woke him up and said "Riley it's 5:30, your alarm is going off" and he whispered in his sleepy voice: "Oh good, I set it early so we have 10 minutes to snuggle before we have to get up." He rolled over and cuddled me and we fell back to sleep. I love being married and sharing a bed together. 

Here is "part 1" of some pictures at Kawela Bay. Our wedding photographer came to Hawaii and contacted us to do some pictures!! I seriously love E & E photography. 

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  1. These are such great photos! I want some now. Awesome awesome possum.