Thursday, March 24, 2022

LONDON 2022!

March 24-27: 
We have been a little reckless with travel lately and feeling like this blog is more a travel journal these days than anything else. We know things will slowdown really soon when the baby arrives this summer and we are officially out-numbered, so trying to get as much as we can before. Also, in the Netherlands when your child turns 5 they become very strict about school attendance so trying to take advantage of these last months when we have the flexibility to take Luke out of school whenever. When Riley came across cheap tickets to London we had to jump on it. It was a really great long weekend,  so good to be back in this city! We also were blessed with the weather and had sunshine and really enjoyed ourself. 
The highlights of the trip:
- Double decker bus riding
- Lots of musicals! We watched 5 between us switching off at night (Dear Evan Hansen being my favorite, Frozen for Luke, and Hamilton was Riley's favorite of the trip)
- National History Museum- one of Luke's highlight 
- beach time with kids by tower bridge 
- Imperial War Museum- Riley's fav
- Evensong @ Westminster abby 
- Borough & Pickcadilly arkets- favorite market EVER= Borough (loved humble crumble, ginger pig sausage, just everything was really great and cool spot.
- More food: Sunday roast at the pip, udderlicious icecream, traditional english breakfast, and fish and chips
- city walking, always a highlight
(Clay quote, looking out the window: "Look SNOW!")
Our weekend hotel room was next to this cute street, next to seven dials. 
We didn't end up eating here this trip, but did a couple years ago and brought back good memories. 

obligatory photo of phone booth 

future house

boy or girl? we decided to wait to find out gender at birth.