Friday, August 31, 2018

Spirit of Boise 2018

 One morning and the very end of August we all woke up extra early to watch the balloons launch over Boise. This is always a summer highlight. They lay the massive balloons out over the park and we watch as they fill the balloons with hot air and then rise over the city as daylight breaks.

It’s a week event, but the day we went the weather ended up not being ideal enough for take off, but they still filled up the balloons and then we were able to walk around and go inside one them and upclose and and talk to the pilots. There was lots of “ooos and aweees” from Luke.

 Luke had a thing for knocking Whitney in the face every single time they were by each other, he would only do it to Whitney and it cracks me up. 

 filling up the balloons 

 inside the balloon! 

Cousin Memories

I still am playing catch-up on the blog and trying to document my Idaho trip and it seems like every other picture (if not more than that) is a memory spent with the Griffeth cousins. Luke loved having a buddies to play and I loved having a mom friend/sister.  Here are a few more adventures:

Nature walk/trail in stair idaho, that ended premature with all of us speed walking/running out because we realized we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. 

 Swimming at the neighborhood pool: 

 Briggs really wanted a picture of the ladybug :) 
 We threw Caitlin Bridal Shower! And turned out EPIC, mostly thanks to Kaylee! Why didn't we get a group picture!?! 
 Kaylee, Landon & Briggs

 Fishing memories. Kaylee has a little pond that is about 10 minute walk from her house and Landon and Briggs taught me all about fishing haha and helped me with the worm and we caught lots of fish. 

 Not the best picture, Luke wasn't a huge fan of slimy fish. . . but loves sushi? 
 Another day of fishing, this is the only picture I took. . . but that smile just melts me. 
. . . And after all these adventures in normally ended with a quick shower or bathtub session <3

Nana’s Garden

I recently came across a quote that said: "Grandma's House: Where cousins become best friends." I just loved that so much, and wanted to add: ". . . and a place of constant spoiling, great food, and no bedtime."

Luke and I have spent the last month at my parent's house in Idaho and it has been nothing but fun times! We are both having withdrawals and miss the constant laughter of cousins and last-minute adventures that come at Nana and Papa's house. I feel like I have so much to journal here and memories to preserve. . .  but right now I just am thinking about the magic of Nana garden (although Papa should get some credit too for it 🤔)

On one particular day we were all outside in the backyard and all the cousins had navigated to the garden with Nana and were all picking and eating raspberries by the fistfuls and having the best time.  The branches were high over some heads and some were barefoot in the dirt and all had juicy, messy happy faces. 

My mom said to me as she filled her bucket and helped the little kids . . . this is one thing I want my grandkids to remember about me and being at Nana's house: "I want them to have memories of coming in the garden and picking fruit and fresh veggies."  She shared how Briggs and Landon eat big tomatoes like apples and how it's one of the first places they run to when they arrive to visit. I just loved that and wanted to write it down and remember the magic myself. . . and I also really, really just wish I had a handful of raspberries right now and sliced melon from the garden. 

Hood to Coast

Riley ran in "Hood to Coast" this year in Portland!!  He's been running and training with his Japan team for months and the big event happened the end of August! Nike Japan sponsored the team and flew Riley down and geared him up and he did so awesome (It also happened to be the weekend following Caden's wedding so he was able to come early and come to Idaho for a few days!)

The race "Hood to Coast" is like the name suggests-- starts at Mt. Hood and stretches to the Oregon Coast (200 miles). It is an overnight, long distance relay that is one of the world's longest and largest relays. Each team has 12 people and each person did 3 different legs to cover the distance. Riley had some of the hardest legs, but seriously had unreal mile times which is crazy considering they were uphill and in the middle of the night too! Goooo Riley! <3