Friday, August 31, 2018

Nana’s Garden

I recently came across a quote that said: "Grandma's House: Where cousins become best friends." I just loved that so much, and wanted to add: ". . . and a place of constant spoiling, great food, and no bedtime."

Luke and I have spent the last month at my parent's house in Idaho and it has been nothing but fun times! We are both having withdrawals and miss the constant laughter of cousins and last-minute adventures that come at Nana and Papa's house. I feel like I have so much to journal here and memories to preserve. . .  but right now I just am thinking about the magic of Nana garden (although Papa should get some credit too for it 🤔)

On one particular day we were all outside in the backyard and all the cousins had navigated to the garden with Nana and were all picking and eating raspberries by the fistfuls and having the best time.  The branches were high over some heads and some were barefoot in the dirt and all had juicy, messy happy faces. 

My mom said to me as she filled her bucket and helped the little kids . . . this is one thing I want my grandkids to remember about me and being at Nana's house: "I want them to have memories of coming in the garden and picking fruit and fresh veggies."  She shared how Briggs and Landon eat big tomatoes like apples and how it's one of the first places they run to when they arrive to visit. I just loved that and wanted to write it down and remember the magic myself. . . and I also really, really just wish I had a handful of raspberries right now and sliced melon from the garden. 

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