Monday, August 27, 2018


Alternative title: Husband Appreciation Post

Sleeping has always been one of my finer talents. Normally as soon as I hit the pillow I’m out! (In fact normally I struggle staying awake and have mild narcolepsy). I haven’t experienced much insomnia ever . . But this entire month I haven’t slept good at all. So here I am.

It started out with dealing with a jet lagged toddler and thinking of a potential new job and years more in Japan . . . but really I’m convinced it because I’m not right next to Riley! Sharing a bed is quite possibly my favorite thing ever.  This whole month we will have spent like 4 days together total. I just miss him so much. . .

Most of my journal lately has been documenting Luke and his milestones... but Riley has done some huge things this past year and daily does so much for our little family. I love loveeee being married to this guy. I want to say a bunch of mushy stuff about how happy he makes me, how good he just did on "Hood to Coast" race and just so many work accomplishments. But I should probably stop here because he wouldn't appreciate it shared publicly.

Just missing my best friend and lover. So lucky I get to call him mine <3

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