Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July in Japan

It hasn’t been the traditional red, white and blue, outdoor BBQs and boating kinda July that I love. . . However, it’s been a really good month with my firecracker boys.

This month has been record heats in Japan and factoring in humidity you can just plan on being hot and sweaty alllll the time. It’s been sun-dresses everyday weather because you need something breezy and occasionally dumping water bottles on yourself to keep cool. We have spent our days eating popsicles and at splash pads. Lots of family bike rides and sushi runs. We found a indoor “mommy and me singing time” class and nursery and library (with a big English section!) that we are excited about. 

Riley grew out his facial hair and had a super nice beard and took his first ever business trip to Sapporo and presented in Japanese! We had cousin Kristin come stay for a couple days too which was really fun too. I started a 365 day passion project and have spent my beloved nap time hour drawing daily and watching YouTube tutorials and skillshare classes, it’s been so fun. . . but my blog is being neglected. But here is a catchup of july and some favorite memories:

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