Wednesday, September 1, 2021


My parents are here! It’s been so fun having them visit. We officially got the keys to our apartment and can start moving. It’s September. Yay! Today my heart is so full. So many random acts of service today has left me full of love and gratitude.

First, Ikea came today. My parents and sister helped me all day, from the start of the day when Ikea came— my mom and Whitney watching my kids while me and my dad dad rushed over to let delivery inside. Then they all stayed and helped put the bunk bed together. Which was no easy task. Literally just a bunch of wood slacks. We all did it together and it was really fun and would of took me and Riley DAYS to figure out honestly. 

Then, we went to tkmaxx here (just like tjmaxx with a k ha) they all hunted for things for my house together and my dad helped with kids. Everyone was helping me it was so nice. I found this beautiful wooden arched mirror I loved but was pretty big and wasn’t sure how to transport back to house. We went to the counter to ask if they could hold for us while I figure out ride or see if it fits in my bike bakfiets with the kids. It was the only one so didn’t want to leave it. 

This worker couldn’t hold it for longer than hour and everyone doubted it would work in bike just and she didn’t want to store it just because they get deliveries and lack of space and was worried if we kept it overnight it would get put back. 

Then she asked where I live said she would drive it to me after her shift was over. She got my address and we exchanged numbers and she literally drove it over after work. She wouldn’t accept my money and just said you call me if you need anything and was SO KIND. I was really touched by her service and going out of the way for a complete stranger. It makes me emotional just thinking about it. There is good people. 

The mirror is so special to me, it reminds me of my family helping me this week with my apartment and kids and it reminds me of this stranger that drove the mirror to my apartment for me so willingly without accepting anything in return. When i look in the mirror it will remind me of this and make me reflect on myself and how I can serve others and be better. 

Friday, August 20, 2021

makes me happy

love this. 

and this.

our family with balloons

submarine by Luke
My new necklace! Luke asked me to cut it out on the lines and put it on a string. He said it's for Christmas and to forget about it. Made my day. Designing necklaces just like his Grandma Moncur :)

Also, Hi from Clay!
Clay is so spunky. He loves balls and food. He loves Luke, Dad, and Mom (in that order). 

always a ball in his hand. 
This summer has felt a lot like fall weather here. Hard to believe it is August!

Monday, August 9, 2021

Austria- Hallstatt

July 30 & 31st-
While in Austria, we trained over from Vienna to a little village on lake Hallstatt and stayed for a night. It was about 3.5 hours by train and a really pretty ride. From the train stop we took a 15 minute ferry to this magical village. The weather forecast right before the trip said 100% chance of thunderstorms the entire time. It was a bummer because we had already booked things and it's not cheap to stay here! So we hoped for the best and a little break in storm, but honestly we got the best of the best nice hot weather the entire time, not even a drizzle of rain! Tender mercy! 

We were really grateful we decided to stay a night here, rather then doing a day trip. The morning and evenings without the tourists really is something special.  The highlight of our time here was actually swimming in the lake. We decided with the rain forecasted & not checking a bag not to bring our  swimsuits. We just went to this lake side playground to let the boys run around. The lake was near empty and sun shining and Riley had to get in. It was so picturesque. The boys all wanted to feel the water. After Riley swam, he came back saying it was a TOP life experience and I HAD to get in. I was in leggings and white shirt, so not the best and they were my only clothes for day here so I refused but Riley persisted and we bought a nice geometric orange bikini (the selection was slim as you could imagine) and the next morning we all went back and spent the morning having a breakfast picnic and lake alone taking turns swimming. Reminding Riley of ‘Band of Brothers’ swimming in Austria. 

If you look closely enough you will see Riley in the middle of the Lake

view from airbnb

Riley is not wearing a white shirt

I spy Riley and Luke
Riley living out his Harry Potter dreams with his own train booth, the best part is when the trolly came by with food-- "we will take the lot!"