Tuesday, August 4, 2020


"Clay Bob Squarepants" (as Luke calls him) turned 6 months July 27th! That same day his cousin Evan Kirton was born! The same week he grew himself a tooth and started to crawl! He is half a year. His "plus-minus score" as Riley calls it has improved tons lately and is actually fun to be around (most the time). His favorite past times include watching his brother's tricks, digging in closets and finding and chewing cords and disconnecting the internet. He is pretty happy, still chubby, and still not sleeping. We love you Clay-dough!  

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Snapshots July!

sooo sweaty all the time, Japanese summers....
boxes are very valuable at our house

 Riley's 'office' space, going on 6 months of working from home.
(the blinds are closed because Clay is napping 2 feet away)

 Luke always making friends at the park, and mom struggling to say friend's name :)

We took a family dentist trip! Luke did awesome and had one cavity and is currently obsessed with mouthwash, squirting it out like a squirtgun. I had to limit his mouthwashing to twice a day.
epic jenga towers 
... lots of rain (but think we are out of the rainy season finally)
 Luke actually request to wear his mask. . . 
also loves to climb these days
and this little mask wearing statue, because so fitting for this time.

Meguro-fudōson Ryūsenji Temple

One of the hidden gems of our neighboorhood is this temple. It is way neat and walking distance from our house (and always quiet, even pre-covid it was never packed with tourist). It is a half hour walk, so I mostly just view it running but decided to walk with the boys we even discovered a whole new park behind it. I think that is one of the things I will miss about living in Japan, I feel like I am always discovering unknown place on a run and seeing new things even though we have lived here almost 4 years now (say what!!) 

I'm convinced a toddler in overalls in the cutest. 
Just have to bribe Luke with a treat at the combini to get a smile these days though. . .  
Not pictured, Clay attached to me attempting to make all my photos out of focus :)

Best Brothers

Lunch date, new matching outfits, and a colorful tree house made for a great day! This adventure happened a few weeks ago. I got burned out of the neighborhood parks and decided to get on the train with the boys by myself and explore one of my favorite areas. It was my first time taking the boys on the train and exploring and felt pretty accomplished and completely exhausted by the end.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Father's Day!

We sure are lucky to have Riley in our life! There is nobody else I would rather be quarantined, locked inside Japan with. It honestly wasn't much of a Father's Day this year-- I attempted to make salmon and ended up throwing it away before it made it to the plates haha! Hopefully next year the food will be better, but the artwork was on point. I love you Riley!

We also had a special "zoom" online video call with Riley's family to celebrate Father's Day. All the siblings wrote poems about their dad and shared them together during the call. I was BLOWN away at the creativity and thoughtful words of each poem. Here is Riley's attached below. 
We love our Dads!

Dear dad

Today is your day they say 
Tribute and gifts we pay.

For you my dad, you’ve always lead 
Now apart, memories reign instead.

As I look back at the times we had l, I ponder 
Fully realizing the sacrifice, you grew stronger. 

How you did it all with such smile and fun 
Giving of your time til the sun was done.

Battling bills and mounting stress 
The ultimate test, you sought to pass.

The man of the house you lead with mom 
Working hard for a fresh new dawn. 

Being a father now of my own
Learning from you I set the tone. 

Much harder than I thought be
Lucky now to have you I see. 

The ultimate example you give
A Christ-like life you strive to live. 

So on this day we say thank you 
For who you are, much respect is due.

You’ve been our dad a family of eight 
All your love we now contemplate

All these things I have to say
But most important here to stay 

More happy days you will accrue
But today and everyday we love you. 

Happy Fathers Day. 

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