Love Story

I met Riley my last year of college at BYU Hawaii. My roommate was crushing on Riley's roommate so naturally I had to tag along with her to things for "support". When I met Riley though it wasn't much of tagging along. . .  I just wanted to be there always and to be with him and ditch her. . .  so we did, and spent every waking moment possible together.

Riley came into my life at the perfect time. I think Heavenly Father sent him to me just when I needed him the most. Riley has this ability to make people laugh, smile, and feel special. He is so dang funny and his kindness and love makes me feel like the luckiest girl. A few months previous to meeting him, I had a traumatic brain injury longboarding and lost my ability to taste food and smell anything.  I was deaf in one ear from it being ruptured and spent the whole summer recovering from a broken skull and concussion. It was a tuff summer and going back to school seemed daunting and hard. . . But it was my last year and I needed to finish my major. I took a step of faith and returned to school. I felt limited and now without my senses felt inadequate and broken. Riley came into my life that next semester. I met him on his first day back into Hawaii and it was meant to be. He said he felt i was different from the moment we met and wanted to know me. He gave me a reason to smile and be happy. He makes me laugh and puts purpose, and love and laughter into my life and has literally been my angel and made me whole.

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  1. These words are perfect and make me love and miss you more! I want to go to Laie! <3