Monday, February 12, 2024

Love Letters to Lucy- Sept 2023

 Dearest Lucy! I just came across these pictures of you covered in blueberries last September-- it made me smile because not much has changed except the weather. One of your first words was blueberry (pronounced bl-oo-b-bba-ies) .. they have become a ritual and you have recently learned to climb up in the fridge and open it and get on a chair to try and get them. You are so spunky these days and not loving the high chair, you are starting to be vocal about sitting up to the big table with your brothers but your so messy and I'm not as ready for that transition. It feels like you are always eating and wanting food and growing way too fast. We love you, our blueberry girl! love, mom 

Monday, February 5, 2024

2023 Year in Review

- 2023 -

2023!!! What a great year with lots of memories and growth. This is the month by month highlights!!!

Clay turned 3 years old!! He's so sweet and cute and we love him.

Lots of festivities and an epic trip to Portugal to get us through the dark, gloomy winter months in Amsterdam. 

Riley turned 31! Visited Mallorca, Spain! 

Celbrated Easter with tulip viewing and special visits from Wood Family and Natalie and TJ! 

Luke turned 6! Grandma and Grandpa Stevenson visited. Riley and I snuck away for a nigh and visited Texel Island and Riley did the French Open with his parents and Colby Dalton.

Disney Paris with the Daltons. We also celebrated a 2 years mark living in Amsterdam and no intention to  move anytime soon. 

The highlight of July was our trip to Scotland! We loved road tripping the country-- Alyssa has been anticipating this trip since we moved to Amsterdam and it did not disappoint. 

We started the month with Lucy turned 1 years old! We also had a fun visit by Avery and Meg and ended the month with a epic trip to Switzerland with Nana and Papa Moncur. 

In September we got to meet Nelson!! He was a few months shy of two years old. Alyssa spent some good time with them going to Brugge and Italian dolomites. 

The highlight of October was our roadtrip in Croatia! We had the best time exploring the country and and getting in some swimming in the Adriatic Sea before winter officially arrives. 

We welcomed the Christmas season in London! It was great seeing the Christmas lights, doing a market, and getting in a couple shows. 

The festivities continued with a little weekend in Gent, Belgium. Alyssa enjoyed a little solo trip to Paris this month and we had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas in Amsterdam! We love calling this place home. 

Kissing 2023 goodbye.