Sunday, February 4, 2024

Chronicles of Clay- 4th Birthday!


The year of the Tiger!!  . . . at least for this guy! Clay has worn this tiger costume everyday it is not in the wash and when that happens he wears his jersey! Getting him to wear anything else, especially jeans is a big deal. Anyways-- he is a special guy! He has been anticipating his forth birthday for months, when you turn 4 you can do swim lessons and school and all the things in the dutch system so it is an exciting one! 

We decided however with my Grandma coming into town and Paris on the 27th that we would push back his 4th birthday celebration to the next weekend. So lets just say it was extra anticipated and a bit confusing. So it was heartbreaking a bit, when on Friday afternoon (the day before) he started to get sick and fatigued, I was so sad because knowing Clay's health history he wouldnt be well enough Saturday and need to push the festivities back. He was so sick he napped friday night, didn't eat and went to bed. I told him if he didnt feel good for his party we would do it another time and he could watch shows instead. 

BUT THEN WE SAW A MIRACLE. It was the biggest tender mercy, and miracle that after a little prayer Clay woke up 100% better and like the evening before didn't happen. He was in prime condition to party! It was a fun day as a family. 

We started the day with some present opening, Clay was anxious and him and Luke worked on extracting some crystals and then we had micky mouse pancakes and went to the indoor pool with some friends! It was a great day and then he requested hamburgers for dinner and had some more cake and icecream and presents. 

A new Jersey to add to the rotation! I saw it hanging in a store in Paris on his real birthday and thought it was a must-- it included his number 10 (which he likes).  

Digging for Gems! 

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