Monday, April 29, 2024

Lucca & Pisa, Italy


January 5th, 2024- Next stop after Cinque Terre was Lucca. We loved wondering the streets, hopping into cathedrals trying to stay dry, seeing Christmas lights still out and scored THE BEST pasta we've ever had. Lucca was a fun size, a nice mix of old and modern with good vibes all around. 

The aforementioned best pasta.  

And they wonder why church attendance is on the decline...

We stopped in at Pisa on the way out of town and it was a HOOT. We got quite a kick out of the whole with the amount of insta tourists and people posing with the tower, it was quite hard not to get into it. It took a little while for Cobb to catch the spirit of it all (ie see above first attempt picture). 

Personally I got quite into it and immediately shared a special bond with my fellow poser. 

A for effort. 

The Pisa spirit stayed with us well after leaving the tower with Cobb's pose becoming an instant classic. 

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