Monday, April 29, 2024

Tuscany Hill Towns Pt.2


January 7th-8th, 2024- Our last stop on the roadtrip was Assisi. On the way to Assisi we stopped in at Montepulciano was probably the prettiest hilltown of the trip, with some pretty amazing countryside views. The day got better pulling into Assisi. Our bnb was in the historic part of town on a very picturesque neighborhood making for a great finale.

Tight squeeze driving through our neighborhood for the night. 

Lots of pretty pottery everywhere throughout the whole trip. Lovely shop for mom's last souvenir. 

This cathedral was really special, especially given the history and significance of Assisi, we realised we stumbled across something that became sacred and pretty memorable. There was mass going on in the basement floor and caught it just in time for some really pretty sung music. Pretty cool to be in such a pretty setting along with a lot of worshippers. We took a seat and had a nice quiet moment. 

Pretty epic early morning walk up. 

And that's all she wrote. An epic trip with memories to last. Really grateful I had the time with my parents and Cobb exploring the Hill Towns of Italy. Lots of laughs, good car conversations, yummy food and quality time in a really pretty country. Was one of those things that it doesnt take looking back on to realise that it was special, but you knew each day on the trip in the moment how special it was and that's what made it great. 

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