Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Grandma Chadderdon visit + Paris!

My Grandma flew to Amsterdam on Jan 25th! It was so fun to pick her up from the airport and see her!! It has been a couple of years!! Clay was excited to pick up grandma too, but I told him its his great-grandma and I didn't know if he would recognize her. So we looked at pictures of her and I showed him this picture below of Grandma Chadderdon and all her kids with their matching shorts she made. She is seriously amazing!! It was a great time seeing with her and just admire her in so many ways and truly a role model. She is so talented and kind and independent and love her so much. 

She flew in the morning of the 25th, we spent the day a home and exploring the city a bit and left the next day on a early train to Paris to meet Curtis, Cortney, and my cousin Drake. It was a great time in the city with them all and beautiful day. It was fun sharing a bed with Grandma and just really enjoyed our chats and time together. 

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