Monday, April 29, 2024

Tuscany Hill Towns Pt.1

January 5th, 6th- After our Pisa stop we set off for Tuscany! Although we did hit some unfortunate rain and fog cover, we thankfully got enough glimpses and views of the pretty Tuscan countryside. We made a pitstop into San Gimignano on our way to Siena. San Gimignano was a favorite of the day, while Siena was bigger and fun to explore and had the best tortellini from a cute little mom and pop shop with a young husband and wife owner. 

Cobb was able to eat all the pizza and pasta of the trip, a sure sign she needs to marry her Matteo and move to Italy. 
Thus ended our quest for the Cannoli. They say sometimes the chase is better than the catch, most definitely was. 

This tortellini was heavenly. So good. 

Pictures from the boys. 

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