Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Obidos Portugal

Feb. 22, 2023: Obidos was our last stop on our Portugal trip (or so we thought). . . It was such a enchanting walled city. It is one of Europe's best preserved medieval villages. We enjoyed climbing the city walls and every corner felt like it belonged on a postcard. All the buildings were white with blue and yellow trims and we loved taking it slow, strolling the surprisingly not-too-crowded town, enjoying the architecture, chapels, and more yummy food. 

View from the castle walls. We loved driving Portugal and going through the pretty countryside. 

Riley is all about the dirty, hole-in the wall places and this one hit the spot. Definitely no tourists but a local crowd of travelers and regulars. The boys devoured this plate lunch and went back for bifanas. 
Really cool free art museum that had a lot of really pretty paintings of Portugal life. 

Bifanas with the boys. 

Castle at night view from our airbnb. 

Sunrise strolling. 

We took the long way back to the airport from Obidos cuz Riley from this Chorizo bread truck that had really good reviews. Also didnt hurt that the drive was along pretty coastline. 

The best Chorizo bread. Portugal really delivered on the food. Definitely one of our favorite food trips. 

Also a perfect pit stop for the boys since it was a bottle cap gold-mine. We normally are hauling back rocks through airport security, this time it was bottle caps. 


Tuesday, February 21, 2023


Feb 21, 2023:  Nazare! This was probably the favorite stop on our Portugal trip, voted on by the kids. It is such a fun beach town known for it's big waves and surf competitions. Visiting here to me, felt a lot like 'coming home' to Hawaii. There was a big festival going on when we arrived so was fun to see the locals in action and the big homemade parade floats and blasting Portuguese music for their carnival. The energy was really fun, a very neat culture experience. Lots of kids dressed up in costumes and celebration. We had the best meal of the trip too, voted on by Dad. Fresh fish caught from the shore. I really enjoyed an Acai bowl here too. One of the highlights was the Forte de Sao Miguel, just really incredible and inspiring to see the surfing wall with famous boards along the wall. . . many which have rode some of the biggest waves in the world with the athlete's words. It was really well done and made you wanna connect more with nature and adventure. 

Our little villa we stayed at.