Monday, February 20, 2023

Sintra, Portugal

February 20, 2023: The next stop on our Portugal trip was Sintra! This was one of the most unique places we've been, really tucked away in the mountains. The Pena Palace was really cool with the bright color terraces and just felt very different than other palaces and castles we have traveled too prior. It was high on the mountain in Sintra. We took a taxi up and was dying when we saw the crowds and people, but thanks to the kids we could cut the line and had priority but even without kids this place would be worth it, just really neat inside and out. Our airbnb was one of the best too-- lots of rooms and had a great view from every window of the beautiful Sintra and red tile rooftops. We decided to walk back to our airbnb rather than taxi since it was a nice evening and loved the walk back. The crisp mountain air, the light of the evening, the views, and non-puking car-sick kids in a taxi :) 

Really cool spiraling well that led to caves to explore. 

Palace digs. 

Morning walk views. 

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