Monday, July 22, 2019


I can't believe it's July, and can't believe the month is almost over too! I have been seriously slacking on the blog post. It has been another rainy overcast month, and has felt nothing like July to be honest. But we have had some good memories and lots of happy moments. . .
 First, I turned 29 this month! WOW! I celebrated with some good friends and had two really cute dinner dates and ate my favorite hamburger, see below :)
We watched "Stranger Things Season 3" this month and loved it, may of watched one or more episodes with the lights on. . . Also, decided to start combing Luke's hair like "Steve" (Joe Keery) from the show ;)
We got a costco membership this month, which is kinda like taking a trip to America, sorta. . .  :)
We went and saw TOY STORY 4, which was GREAT! How can so many sequels be just as good as the original?! 

We spent a good Saturday at the beach with ward friends. Luke is obsessed with the ocean and was a really fun day! 
 (We had an empty train to beach, because it looked like it was going to be another overcast rainy day and almost didn't go! But ended up being overcast, but with no rain day! Yay! Glad we went.)
We spent another weekend at the outdoor POOL we found! A new weekend gem! We are so excited to go back and may have to pretend Luke is potty trained and 3 years old each time we go. . .  also swim caps are a thing here.