Saturday, May 22, 2021

Asakusa and More


May 2021- Lately feeling forever behind on the blog. My camera cards are full of past memories of Japan and now we have moved and all I have left really are these photos and past memories that will soon fade. It has been much harder to leave Japan than I ever, ever anticipated. We made a really great life in Tokyo and as much as I complained about our tiny apartment it really was sad to walk away and say goodbye. These photos are from my camera mostly from exploring Asakusa and walking near skytree. 

Tokyo City Hiking

 May 22, 2021:

From Tokyo, hiking has always been a littler harder to access and unusually require a long expensive train ride.  We decided to instead "hike" through the city this day and put miles on exploring on foot for our "hike." We ended up starting from our house going to Naka-Meguro from Ramen (of course) and then  went from Kanda to Ueno. There was a little train involved but did a lot of the city on foot this day. 

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Luke Lately! 4th Birthday

Luke turned 4!! Unreal! We had a great birthday celebration Saturday for him. We hired a young women friend in our ward to make Luke's cake, which was awesome! Luke requested to go to the 'train curry' place so we did that and then the park and went home and opened presents and played with the new legos and watched a movie with pizza dinner. It was a great day! 

Luke is such a fun lovin kid-- he is so kind and fun. He is currently sitting next to me and I asked him what all his favorite things are as a 4 year old, here is the list:
- beach!!!
- "goggl-ing" in the bathtub and playing dolphin show
- drawing and painting
- car & trains, especially ones that go by themselves
- legos 
- playdough
- ellie and milo
"that's all i like" AKA I'm done with this.

he requested french toast, and not pancakes

we found a black ladybug with red dots!