Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Blue Heart Springs

 Sept 30- We took a day trip and kayaked to Blue Heart Springs, actually we kayaked wayy past it on accident but found it eventually! Blue Heart Springs is a little area along the snake river with clear calm blue water. It was a good time and finished the night with samon... and watching the sunset in the car. Next bucketlist kayak trip will be Shoshone falls. 

All the Favs.

Sep. 30, 2020: We filled our bellies with the best fish 'n chips in Boise, hiked to the closest waterfall (Jump Creek), and camped in the backyard. A great Friday in Boise. 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Chronicles of Clay- 8 Months

Sept 27th: 8 months old!! Took your first international flight and met both sets of Grandparents for the very first time. Nobody believes us when we say you were terrible and cried your first five months of life. You are so happy all the time and been such a cute kiddo. Everyone says you look like your dad. You didn't love being strapped into a carseat for the first time in your life this month, but after a roadtrip from California to Utah with grandparents you started to get the hang of it :)

Friday, September 25, 2020

Sweet September Weekend

Sept. 26th-- Another great ride and weekend for the books! Caden and Caitlin came from BYUI to meet baby kennedy and we all had a great time. The noteworthy events for this ride was Caden managed to get stuck in the mud real good, Luke somehow fall asleep during the ride, and lastly after his nap learned to drive the machine (see clip below)! He is obsessed-- loves riding with Nana best. We followed the ride with some good traeger cookin' and hanging out with the Griffins.