Thursday, September 10, 2020

Heber, Utah

While in Utah, we spent a couple beautiful days in Heber. We spent the night at “Riverbend.” This magical home/cabin owned by Nancy and John (Riley’s aunt and uncle) located next to the tracks where the river bends. The house is unreal: with movie theater, slides going to different levels, themed rooms, basketball court, and more. They do lots of family reunions here and rent it out- but we’ve been in Japan so it was our families first time staying here and already anxious to go back one day. It was so nice and grateful for the opportunity. We got to stay in the “golf room” with these large windows overlooking everything. Riley said it was like “waking up to your personal imax theater.” 

I spy a barn owl. . . 

Just eating rocks... 

Uncle John cooked up some steaks and samon on the treager grill! We also had Nicole’s homemade flatbread pizza.

Luke had his first driving lesson

All the grandkids! 

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