Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Backyard BBQ & Some.

Sept. 16: Something we daydream about in Japan is summer BBQs. This evening my dad fired up the grill and kaylee and the fam came over and we had hamburgers and watched the kids play. My parents are so good, I love being home and seeing Luke with his cousins. Riley works 5-3am these days (japan hours) which makes me feel so bad at night to see the light in Caden's room still on when I wake to feed Clay through the night. There is lots of pros to this new schedule and extra space, but also cons and hope Riley does okay with these new hours. 

Also, a few random pictures from this week. 
Not pictured: our new hobby of playing pickleball with the parents

Busy, happy Clay! He has been loving America. Nobody believes us that he was such a hard baby the first 5+ months of his life. So content and climbing these days.
It has been so nice having help from my parents with the kids. So grateful

My dad and Luke made lots of batched of dried apples! 

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