Friday, September 11, 2020

Ethan and Chelsea’s Wedding!

One of the highlights of this trip was being able to attend Ethan & Chelsea’s wedding! We didn’t think this was going to be possible, but things just fell into place in the end.  Such a tender mercy as weddings are also like family reunions and opportunity to see everyone too!

The wedding was so special! The temple opened up again to phase two just in time, and they were able to get in. The sealing was at 7am and was such a great start of the day. It is a “covid wedding” and there was lots of limitations and the temple was no exception. Only a limited number of people allowed. There was about 12 total, I remember looking around in the sealing room at all the empty chairs and being sad and then I got that overwhelming feeling that this wedding is full house and so many people attending on the other side and celebrating this happy event and union. After we got into the car, there was even talk about Riley’s ‘Grandma Jo’  being there and making herself known flickering a little chandler light for a few seconds! As she said and joked she would before passing away. It really was so nice to be in the temple and see them so happy and in love!

The evening reception was SO BEAUTIFUL! They did a ring ceremony and little reception and dinner at Thanksgiving Point garden and everything was so well done! I remember at BYUH having a few chats about girls with Ethan and him saying how he would most likely marry someone the whole family hates . . . I think the exact opposite is true! Chelsea is adored, and can’t wait to get to know her more. Such a great day! 

More pictures to come :)

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