Sunday, May 31, 2020

3 years & 3 months

Just a series of photos with my three year old and three month old baby on a beautiful sunny day in May.

Sunday Walks

I have to think really hard about the last time I rode the train. I can't even remember the last 'family outing' by train together-- before Clay, before this year maybe. The adventures these days are much different due to covid.  One thing we have kept up though is 'our sunday walks.' Not sure when the tradition started, but normally on Sundays afternoons we take long walks. We find new streets we haven't been down and walk them finding new ways and having good chats about life and playing I-SPY with Luke.

 Who loves Riley's 'quarantine mop'? 

2020 Thoughts

I got a credit-card several years ago, like before married and in college with an 'expiration year' that was really far out for some reason-- the card expired in the year 2020. I remember thinking that was SO FAR away!! I wondered what the year 2020 would be like, and where I would be at in life when the card expired. I would never of guessed in a million years I would be living in Japan. I really hoped I would be married and have my own little family though. Makes me grateful, I like where I am in life.

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least! Globally with the Corona Virus Pandemic and then so much in the news right now with racist acts, violence, and riots in the states. It makes me nervous thinking about the coming years and what the world will be like when my boys are older. I came across the quote in my book that was comforting:

"With everything that could and does happen in the ever-changing world around us-- one thing can remain constant-- God." - David Butler

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Mother's Day!


Mother's Day! I'm currently laying in bed about to fall asleep but wanted to journal. Today was an especially great day. I want to remember it. My heart is so full of love and gratitude. Riley wrote me a super thoughtful note and placed it on a photo and printed it and it seriously made me cry as he read it. So nice. Really fun day with the kiddos too. We played uno towards the end of the day and Luke had a funny quote during game. It was his turn and he placed down his card and said "reverse mamacita!!" and we all laughed way hard and he thought he was the funniest ever and called mamacita the rest of the night. 

Why I love Alyssa
I love Alyssa because she is quite literally the most kind person in the world. She brings light and goodness wherever she goes. 

I love Alyssa because she can do hard things and rarely complains. 
From living in a much too small apartment and giving birth in a foreign land, she handles it all so well. 

I love Alyssa because she spends time to develop her many talents. 
It's impressive how talented she is, in so many creative ways, much of which is self-taught. 

I love Alyssa because she is a fundamentally fun person. 
She naturally cheery, loves to laugh and still loves to throw in a prank here or there. 

I love Alyssa because she is incredibly giving. 
Even so much, that she should never make business decisions alone because she’d give most things away for free.

I love Alyssa because she is committed to family.
She comes from a great family and is committed to establishing our own family culture and traditions. 

I love Alyssa because she is active and a go-getter. 
She pushes our family to be on the go, chasing down experiences and memories which we now have because of her.

I love Alyssa because she takes care of her body.
She values health, is incredibly attractive and is a great playmate and lover. 

I love Alyssa because she is a believer in people. 
She chooses to see good and believed in me before I did. And that makes for a great life partner. 

I love Alyssa because she loves the Lord. 
Living the gospel has always been the top priority for her in life and seeks to be close to Him. 

I love Alyssa because she is an amazing wife and mother. 
She is tireless, the ultimate teacher, with love and affection that seem never ending

And that makes me, Luke and Clay the luckiest boys in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day. 
We love you. 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Luke's 3rd Birthday!

Luke turned THREE on May 2nd! It was the perfect timing because we were in need of some new toys to entertain during this lock-down time. It was a fun day with traditional pancake breakfast, dominos pizza lunch while watching Toy Story, and playing together with lots of new toys! We love our Luke! 

We have continued the Moncur tradition each year with fun birthday pancake for breakfast. My dad texted me this picture of me when I was three years old.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Black-Out Curtains

The sun rises at 4:40am these mornings, and my boys are both up soon after. We can't convince Luke it is still night-time though because the "sun is awake!!" and streaming through the bedroom windows and he thinks we need to be up. He is somehow able to function full energy throughout the day without a nap. I just ordered black-out curtains though on amazon and can hardly wait until they arrive. 

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Chronicles of Clay- 3 Months

Three whole months--wanting to be held always. Giving your best smiles in the morning. Sticking all your fingers in your mouth. Cheeks overflowing. Multiple rolls, assisted by Luke. The stationary bike and carrier has been the secret to get you to sleep or calm down this month. In all the madness, we are grateful for this unique time to all be together as a family of four. I remember feeling like with Luke, Riley missed so much of the newborn stage because of work and this time around Riley has been here to witness this stage in all the magic and chaos. Let's just say we feel bad for our neighbor and grateful nobody has complained these three months.