Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Alyssa's Paris Solo Trip


Dec 19-20: Riley surprised me with an overnight trip to Paris for an early Christmas present. I got some much needed solo time. Paris is just under 4 hours on the train, I have never enjoyed a train ride so much haha.  It was a fun couple days and amazing what you can do on own with just an overnight stay. I took a french pastry class and learned to make croissants and went to d'Orsay museum and also spent some time in Versailles and go to the temple there, I think it is my favorite temple ever and highlight of the trip. Thank you Riley!! 

The Museum d'Orsay was really fabulous. I enjoyed seeing so much of amazing artwork, it was really inspiring. They had a special exhibit for Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-oise France featuring his final months before he died that was really moving too.  

my phone is full of moving artwork I enjoyed, this last one is of the  Peter and John running to the tomb the morning of the Resurrection and reminds me of Julene <3
Also, having some good hours to draw and eat at cafes was amazing! 

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Ghent Belgium Christmas Market 2023

Dec 15-16 2023: GHENT! We spent a night in Ghent to see the Christmas Market which was so fun and had the best weather. We had lots of fun festive food, lots of yummy waffles (all waffles were sponsored by the Hartley family, got a very sweet and thoughtful venmo from them) and Riley was pleasantly surprised to see the coconut macaroons still there. The boys and mom took on roller skating which was such a hit we did it the next day and was fun to see how much they improved. It was a really fun weekend together. 

Easily Luke's favourite Christmas Market booth. 

teaching the boys to rollerskate looked like this for awhile :)