Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Alyssa's Paris Solo Trip


Dec 19-20: Riley surprised me with an overnight trip to Paris for an early Christmas present. I got some much needed solo time. Paris is just under 4 hours on the train, I have never enjoyed a train ride so much haha.  It was a fun couple days and amazing what you can do on own with just an overnight stay. I took a french pastry class and learned to make croissants and went to d'Orsay museum and also spent some time in Versailles and go to the temple there, I think it is my favorite temple ever and highlight of the trip. Thank you Riley!! 

The Museum d'Orsay was really fabulous. I enjoyed seeing so much of amazing artwork, it was really inspiring. They had a special exhibit for Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-oise France featuring his final months before he died that was really moving too.  

my phone is full of moving artwork I enjoyed, this last one is of the  Peter and John running to the tomb the morning of the Resurrection and reminds me of Julene <3
Also, having some good hours to draw and eat at cafes was amazing! 

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