Saturday, September 30, 2017

Thailand- Grand Palace Bangkok

We spent one day in Bangkok and did the Grand Palace and Night Market! It was a hot humid eventful day. We took the river boat-bus to the palace and explored and then on our way out we got pulled over and kicked out of our Uber ride and photographed by the Thai Police! Pretty funny. The highlight was the Grand Palace... it was seriously a different world! So much detail. We had to wear long pants because of the sacredness of temple, so below features our new elephant PJ pants we bought :)

Our Hotel View

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Beach & Longtail Boats

It was really great feeling sand between toes again and being next to the ocean! We always have this discussion if we prefer the ocean or mountains best. . .  and in Thailand you have both right up together and intertwined to explore. The beach was lined with really cool rock faces and we took a longboat and you kept seeing islands pop up in the distance with long little mountain formations in the middle of the ocean everywhere. Not sure if I'm describing it too well, but pretty scenic stuff.

Our longtail boat experience ended kinda traumatic though... and I mostly want to forget it, except not because it was a spiritual experience too.  We took the longtail boat out to a Railey Beach that is only accessible by boat. We spent hours exploring the hippish-town and seeing monkeys, on the way back though we got caught in a storm and our driver turned pirate and we became a rescue boat and collided with another boat in a storm and almost capsized (not exaggerating).  We were praying SO HARD and I felt terrible because it was my idea that it would be totally FINE with Luke and we were so close to falling out in the middle of the ocean in a storm.

It was kinda cool though because I had a feeling after praying from the Holy Ghost that everything was going to be OKAY. An inner calm and comfort came over and assurance that things would be alright even though we were still in the middle of the storm and going in the wrong direction. It just makes me happy to know that even in the swirly turmoil (literally) of life or any other trials we can have peace and know the outcome when we listen and pray.

Thailand Krabi Resort Life- Aonang Hill

For just over $35 dollars a night we stayed at the best resort! We are convinced it is the best hotel in Krabi. Free breakfast, nice pool, away from the main strip, and right next to the mountains!
Ohhh and they do free shuttles to the beach whenever you want and helped line up tours and airport transportation and loved Luke and played with him. Very satisfied with Aonang Hill @ 11/1 Resort. 
Ok, Now please sponsor me to come back :)