Sunday, September 3, 2017

hakone day

Sept. 2, 2017: We went out with some friends to Hakone, Japan. It was such a great day! Hakone is a little mountain town outside Tokyo with a lake. We took a cruise around the lake and a ropeway up and enjoyed the views and walked around. 

We love the Starks Family, they invited us to join them on this adventure. Carissa is one of my most favorite friends in Japan. She had a baby in Japan too and just has been here for me through the ups and downs of international living. They are such a fun family. Today was one of the best days in Japan. 

We just love the Starks! Carissa, Aaron, Easton and Maya. 

I just love this moment! These two boys just stared at each other and Luke just chatted to him for a few minutes. 

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