Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Luke Lately

Luke is currently taking a nap on the couch, he NEVER naps... even when he's sick I have a hard time getting him to nap so this is a rare hour. I thought I would write about Luke and all the things I love about him lately!

I feel like he has grown up SO MUCH this year. We are coming to the end of an era with him, he is getting so long and lengthy that holding him isn't something that he enjoys or very comfortable and awkard. He is just transitioning to this big boy and out of a toddler. He sleeps on the top bunk, no longer enjoys some of his toys, won't eat his vegetables, wanting to earn money.. and just growing. 

He is thriving in Amsterdam though I would say! He has so many church friends his same age which is really awesome!! It's neat to all bike to playdates and get together weekly. The only problem is that they ALL have school during the day. School starts at age 4 here, so lots of playdates are really with Clays's buddies during the day. I've been really dragging my feet about enrolling Luke into school. I just will miss him home SO MUCH during the day. It is really hard to trust someone with you child each day. I just feel like Luke is SO GOOD and so innocent and pure and enrolling him is hard. But once he turns 5 they get really STRICT here (almost 200 euro fines) for missing school each day so I also want him to get use to it and start learning dutch because outside of church friends all the kids speak only dutch and he has a couple neighbors in our building that are also his age. He is excited for the most part for school, we meet his teacher next week and probably start up here next month. 

The words that come to mind in describing Luke is "Tender and Sweet." He is just a special kid and almost every night I tell him how lucky I am to get to be his mom, and I really feel that way. So lucky to raise this kid. He is a sweet brother, they still fight but it is Clay that is throwing punches and rough housing. I don't worry as much about sending Clay to school-- he stands up for himself ha. 

Things Luke loves at age 4 1/2:

Shows: Paw Patrol, Octonauts, Bluey, Shark Dog, & Story Bots 
Toys: Japan train set, has a lengthly christmas list full of new toys he wants...
Food: quesadillas with jalapeƱos, lemons, pasta, toast with tabasco and eggs, anything SWEET
Loves: arts and crafts, helping cook, bath (although love/hate.. he hates getting out and it being COLD), loves Recycling things and turning old containers into toys for his friends (he is a huge gift-giver) 
Funny: wipees his nose on my pant legs when hes outside playing, insist on doing the shopping basket for me and loading everything at register, 

Alright just one funny story and then I should be productive:

Last week we celebrating St. Martins (basically the equivalent to halloween, but instead of costumes you make lanterns and inside of saying "trick or treat" at the door you sing)... SO we went around with some neighborhood kids and Luke loves to sing (I guess he is one of the loudest singers in primary even not knowing all the words).. but anyways he was a little late getting to the door and the kids were getting candy and he was so upset and bawled because he was getting his candy "without singing" first...maybe he felt like he was cheating the system? IDK? but he insisted on singing a solo (luckily a neighboor helped with the words with him and he sung to get his treat) Seee what a mean, just a tender kid. 

I love you Luke! Hope you are having the sweetest dreams.