Friday, May 27, 2022

Venice, Italy

 MAY 27-28: Our trip ended in Venice where we flew back to Amsterdam from airport. We had a solid day and night to explore the city here and loved it all. It is a place we both would love to go back too, such a romantic city and loved seeing all the canals and gondolas. Neat being in a place that doesn't have cars and seeing fedex and deliveries made by boat. We debating on riding the gondola boat, because its quite expensive but glad we did you really see and experience so much from the water. 

The boat ride from Chioggia to Venice, 1.5 hours 

Monday, May 23, 2022

Chioggia, Italy

Our little breakaway from the cities for a day was to Chioggia. It is a little seaside town south of Venice. It was very picturesque and had so much charm but without the tourist. It would be hard to pick a favorite place in Italy during our trip, because each place had something different and unique but Chioggia is definitely a front runner for me.

 I loved breaking away from the city and seeing the culture.  We woke up early to explore the city before kids woke up and was surprised to see the town bustling with fisherman going out or getting all set up for the fish market there and fruit stands for the day. It was a happening place before 7am and was neat to watch. We also spent some time at the beach, which the boys loved and wish we had an extra day to do another beach session. I got teared up watching Riley teach Luke how to body surf and catch waves, just made me think of our days in Hawaii and how now and all our many blessings. We enjoyed some pizza on the beach and just had the best time here in Chioggia.