Sunday, May 22, 2022

Florence, Italy

 Our next stop on our Italy trip was Florence! We stayed on a quiet street across the river, just a couple minute walk from the famous Ponte Vecchico (a medieval bridge, that was the only one that was spared during WW2). It was such a fun location and we loved our days in Florence as well.

 Riley's love for museum's really bloomed here in Italy at the Uffizi Gallery and his only regret probably was not planning and doing more museums while in Florence. We also become big Steve Rick's fans this trip which made the museum and sites much more enjoyable and manageable offering a lot of information and tips and walking tour that was great.  

Some other highlights of our time in Florence was riding the carousel at Piazza della Republica, Mercato Centrale, seeing all the artist work and talking to them outside the Cathedral, and probably my favorite was walking up to the Piazzale Michelangelo and seeing Florence from above and having a couple hours together in the gardens with the boys collecting fallen rose peddles and being occupied and enjoying the view with Riley. This trip also happened to be over our anniversary, which we knew planning it and that's why we could pull Luke out of school but on our anniversary we didn't even realize the significance of the date until we were back home going to sleep for the evening. Luckily, it was a day well spent and celebrated like every day of the trip with really, really great food and gelato and spoiled with the amazing sites and weather. Italy was the perfect place for an anniversary trip, we just need the grandparents to pull their weight and come/move to Europe so we can take some solo trips without the kids and have a real anniversary date haha. 

Our airbnb was just to the left in ally of this photo. 

Luke woke up super early, when I was about to take my morning tourist-less photo walk through city and I decided to invite him along. He didn't enjoy all the walking and was ready to quit pretty early but made for a cute model and a lot slower pace. We saw a nice hot air balloon floating over the city which was the highlight. 

The "I SPY" Luke series below: 

"If I turn around, Ill be more camouflage" - Luke

Replica of the David of Michelangelo, didn't see the real deal. Next time.

the best street art scene, I enjoyed looking at these as much as museum

I'm not one to take photos of artwork at the museum, this is only shot from Uffizi Gallery. But it had lots of impressive sculptures and famous paintings that was inspiring to see. 
playgrounds were surprisingly very hard to find in Italy  
incredible costume 

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