Thursday, May 12, 2022

30 weeks

May 11, 2022: I've ever been one to document my pregnancy bump or keep track of weeks, besides the due date (obviously). I just had to look it up to see how many weeks I am currently to post. Today it was just me and Clay home all day and decided to pull out the camera and take some shots and these happened. Clay gets all the photo credit for pushing the button and helping out. He didn't want to be in front of the camera for pictures, like originally planned. 

In less than 10 weeks, we will be holding our newest love!  This pregnancy has gone fast so far, but the insomnia and restless legs and aches of the final trimester has arrived and thinking the next couple months could be long and hard before we meet baby. We decided to wait to find out the gender until birth. Everyone in the family thinks we will have a girl join our little gang in July, but I'm thinking it will be another boy. So we will see! The baby inside is the most active baby yet, hiccups all the time and just always moving and kicking around to the boys delight. They have both been putting in their suggestions and opinion on names as well. 

The dutch healthcare has been quite the opposite than Japan, very laid back and hands off. I have had three appointments to date, and they just check to see if their is a heartbeat and blood pressure and then I'm on my merry way... In Japan, there was a lot more appointments and test. . .  and ultrasounds with each one, and urine samples and blood taken and miles of paperwork and questions. It gives me a little anxiety to know how the baby is doing health-wise and miss the frequent ultrasounds, but also makes it a lot easier to not get a sneak peak at the gender and let it be a surprise. Home births are also very normal here and encouraged and my midwife clinic doesn't have a birth center, so apparently how it works is when I start to go into labor they will come over to our house and see how far along I am and then if I want to go to hospital they will call and see if there is even a spot for me and then able to give birth there if there is, so we will see how that goes! Praying for this little one daily and excited to meet you on the flip side.  

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