Saturday, May 21, 2022

Rome, Italy


May 21-23: Our trip to Italy has been something on the calendar for months now and was a milestone of sorts, it is the last of several trips planned before we welcome the new baby. We had an amazing time and was very bittersweet to get on the plane and go home, as we realize we won't ever be doing so much travel again with Luke in school (more strictly now) and growing family this summer. 

Rome, blew my expectations, I was so blown away by this city and loved our three days here. We went in May (which is considered more the "the off season,") and if that was the off-season I can't even imagine what summer is like. The weather was very hot and felt like summer and there was plenty of crowds and tourist to go around. This trip was probably the most we have experienced tourist and crowds, but we really timed our lines and passes well and never waited too long. 

I can see why so many people flock to Rome, it really is an amazing city. It felt like there was ancient ruins on every corner and just so much history and events that happened there. We did a lot of the big attractions here over our days in Rome: the Colosseum, Peter's basilica, the roman forum, pantheon, Vatican city and seeing the Sistine Chapel. These of course were separated with many trips to gelato and some trading off playing watching the kids to enjoy a Rick's Steve tour along with place. 

We also spent our Sunday in Rome, and went to church there. The sacrament started at 5pm (which is to accommodate the Italian's siesta). Apparently after lunch, many people close shop and Italian families go home and nap and rest for a few hours and then resume the day. So church was at 5pm after the naps and rest. It worked out well for our schedule and we needed that extra time to travel to church, it was out of the way and quite the adventure to get too as transportation didn't go so smoothly on the way there. The church was located out of the city and right next to the Rome, Italy Temple. It was so neat to see the temple and go inside the visitor's center. The temple was dedicated in 2019, right before the pandemic, and was neat to stand in the visitor's center and see the Christ statue there with all the original apostles statues around him and to think about during the dedication a couple years prior and be in the same place all the current apostles stood.

church in rome... 

pasta every color

^^ what traveling with kids really looks like.... 

Fun experience interacting with a "coin" cutter.. Luke helped cut a coin and we picked up a little necklace souvenir from him 

GELATO! EVERY SINGLE DAY... sometimes more than once... 

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