Friday, February 18, 2022

Barcelona 2022

February 18-20, 2022: We took a train ride from Madrid to Barcelona and as soon as we stepped off the train we almost wondered why we didn't spend the entire time in this city! Such a lively, unique city-- we both agreed we could all live in Barcelona. . . checking so many boxes: mountains, beach, culture, food, THE SUN, etc. We loved our time in Barcelona, my parents joke that every time I come home and tell them about trip at some point in the conversation I say that the place we visited is my "favorite city ever."  I have loved these European cities we have visited and it just seems each one captures me and becomes a new favorite, Barcelona being one of the very best and will be back one day.

The boys loved it as well, Luke is my little fish and loves the ocean. I was glad we brought his wetsuit (the water was freezing) and he was about the only one in the ocean each time we visited and loved every minute. Clay loved the sand as well and would have liked to follow Luke into the ocean if we would have let him. 

A few more things that stand out: 
- La Sagrada Familia, worth the money, loved the audio tour with ticket and learning about the amazing church.
- the empty city morning walks. We stayed in the Gothic quarter and loved it. 
- the action packed lively nights switching off and taking turns with our city walks while the boys went to bed
- musicians in the streets
- bunkers del carmel  
- The food: we found the best mexican food and had to go again... also indulged in some Little Cesar's (the 5 dollar pizza becomes even more amazing when you're travelling with kids, and got in some delicious tapas and loved the patatas bravas. 

new used stroller purchased on facebook marketplace after ours got stollen

just love all the plants in windows... 

Luke's face says how much we loved Park Guell.. expensive and too touristy for us.