Thursday, April 29, 2021

April 2021

This month was eventful! We spent 8 days in Ishigaki and soaked up the sun. Seriously such a neat place and great trip. The calm before the rush of moving and change. The trip was great timing. Hence a million post about the adventures each day. 

The rest of the month we thought we were pregnant! Definitely not planned... my period was a couple weeks late and went through lots of pregnancy test and a rollercoaster of feelings of not being ready, but it happening and happy. We had one test that turned positive after a time. It tricked us! Luke got way into it and excited for another baby. He told me he would watch Clay while dad was working if I wanted to go run and get a test to be sure and see if our baby is here. He was cute to witness and so fun. But the 'crimson wave' eventually hit and no baby— so we will move and maybeeee revisit the idea in a year or two🤪 Phone dump of favorite memories from APRIL! 

Just a couple from our trip... the rest post trip! 

shell cleaning and our teeny tiny kitchen counter space.
Clay pulling himself on the chair to watch the game

another visit to the rooftop ferriswheel

Milo and Luke- Best buds 
Days in the office for Riley

church from home- shirts optional 

art everyday

the best bros

big Curious George fans, just like dad

found this at a thrift store and wanted to cry, we are moving! so bitter sweet.
Also took senior pics of Cailey! They turned out fun.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Last adventures on Ishigaki Island

April 9th- Our last full day in heaven! Just lots more of exploring this beautiful island and checking off a few more things from our ishigaki bucketlist! We also got a date night in and had GREAT food. The cook even when out of his way to spice things up for me. It was probably a good thing for our wallet we found it on the last night. 

soba for days

We tried out another snorkel spot-- this spot you had to park and walk too, closing the date so the roaming cows and horses don't escape. 

these roads we drive are unreal

more local made treats. tried some icecream strait from the cow ha :)

mushroom rock

Have you ever seen a more perfect flower?

Banna Park

A few photos from the ride home Aug 10:

Riley wanted to see how Ellie fit in the bag, trying to estimate how much time we have left hiking with Luke in the pack. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Ishigaki beachin, cheesecake, and sunset ramen

April 8th: After our morning adventure to Taketomi Island. We returned to Ishigaki Island and took a drive. We loved how remote and beautiful these Islands are! There was a shirt we came across in the gift shop that said: "Ishigaki: Japan's best kept secret." I couldn't agree more. Such a special unknown place.

We found some fresh homemade cheesecake and popsicles that were made locally from the cows there and then ended up back at Yonehara Beach for some snorkeling. We both took turns and enjoyed the ocean. The boys are way into the beach, it's the ultimate playground. After some good beachin, we got back into the car and drove to this little cove Riley found on his run with a swing and grove and enjoyed some jetboiled ramen for dinner with the sunset. 

vending machines in the middle of nowhere