Friday, April 2, 2021

jungle trekking, homecooked meal, and low tide

Ishigaki 2021
We did some river trekking through the jungle.  It was very unmanned and great, saw a waterfall. One of the highlights of the day was our dinner spot too. We learned very quickly in Ishigaki, that food outside of the main town is hard to find. Lots of restaurants closed and no grocery stores. We ended up finding this place and was such a gem restaurant that felt like we were eating at a local's house. I was just us and we ate outside. She brought out her toy box for the kids, gave us free juices and showed off her dog.  She told us she lived in Yokohama originally (which is close to us in Tokyo)  and left her because it was 'good for her heart.' I just loved that-- getting outside the city and being by the ocean and nature is really good for the heart. 

this restaurant! the stairs were made of shells!  

This is right outside out airbnb, at night it gets lowtide and so many little sea creatures and could walk out forever. We saw lots of sea cucumbers, little jelly fish, millions of crabs, and star fish! 

Luke started to get brave with the sea animals, could never get him to pick up a sea cucumber...
probably because they look like poop ha! 

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