Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Ishigaki beachin, cheesecake, and sunset ramen

April 8th: After our morning adventure to Taketomi Island. We returned to Ishigaki Island and took a drive. We loved how remote and beautiful these Islands are! There was a shirt we came across in the gift shop that said: "Ishigaki: Japan's best kept secret." I couldn't agree more. Such a special unknown place.

We found some fresh homemade cheesecake and popsicles that were made locally from the cows there and then ended up back at Yonehara Beach for some snorkeling. We both took turns and enjoyed the ocean. The boys are way into the beach, it's the ultimate playground. After some good beachin, we got back into the car and drove to this little cove Riley found on his run with a swing and grove and enjoyed some jetboiled ramen for dinner with the sunset. 

vending machines in the middle of nowhere

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