Saturday, December 19, 2020

Grand Teton, Wyoming

Oct. 10, 2020: While we were staying in Island Park we drove to Grand Tetons National Park. My parents watched Luke for the day and we hiked to "Delta Lake." The hike was AMAZING. Might be one of the prettiest places in the whole world. Such good views and hiking. The traffic on the trail was very busy unfortunately, we wouldn't go here on a Saturday again but THIS VIEW! 

Island Park Times + Mesa Falls

Great time in Island Park! We did Yellowstone, Grand Tenton, Mesa Falls, and lots of good quality family time in the cabin. Caden, Caitlin, Whitney and my grandparents all came too! Whitney girl had her birthday and so fun to be with everyone.

Things I want to remember:

- How my parents eat and cook like kings on the road! They literally brought the entire grocery store and make lots of good homemade foods. It made me laugh thinking of them bringing everything to homemade syrups to cinnamon rolls. Meal planning takes presedence way over itinerary for them.  

- The prettiest fall farm drive and crisp morning air, we fell in love with Driggs this trip and the farms and mountain views. 

- How awesome my parents are for helping out with the kids so much and watching Luke while we went to Tetons! SOO NICE.

- My grandma!! She getting on four-wheelers and hot-tubbing and playing games. So fun, such a cute lady! These pictures don't do her justice, she so beautiful & classy. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020


Oct 9, 2020:

I visited Yellowstone for the very first time last year (2019) with my family-- it was soo epic to be in nature and we saw lots of wildlife (including a bear!). Riley was in Japan at the time, and the whole trip I thought about how much he would LOVE Yellowstone. So, here we are a year later. . . I literally built up this place for the entire year and was so excited for him to go! 

We woke up early and hit yellowstone. We started out ‘hiking’, but it was a paved hike with crowds and wasn’t delivering/remote enough. We didn’t have a great plan and wildlife was lackin. I was feeling bad, and it sounds way dumb but I wanted this epic experience for Riley-- and our expectations were different and plans weren’t aligned. Anyways- we started a new hike but ended up turning around too and just wasn’t going too great. I ended up saying a silent prayer expressing my feelings to Heavenly Father and desires. It sounds dumb, because I know there are a million world problems and things to be praying about and “having a fun Yellowstone experience” shouldn’t even make the cut and very selfish. It was neat though, because following the prayer we had such a good time and saw some neat things and wildlife and there was a moment we timed the geyser up on accident so perfectly and saw it go off and this rainbow appeared  in it and just felt SO much love from Heavenly Father. Just felt that he cares so deeply about each of us individually and our concerns big and small.